Thursday, March 17, 2011

I can't believe people still read blogs . . .

Here's a little insight into my thought process and the evolution of an idea.

Start with an arbitrary thought, for example the title of this post:


Its not particularly interesting or poignant, but it opens up a dialogue so it has potential. Now take the concept behind it; the idea that I can't believe people continue to do something that, for some reason or another, I've deemed trite or cliche. I give it some context by applying it to something a little more prevalent and obtrusive than blog reading, and inject a little satyrical commentary:


It's getting better. Now its a "joke," but a broad and lazy joke. This would be fine if I was actually in the t-shirt business. I'm not. I'm not in any business, so I may as well take it further. And this is when all my years of misanthropy and awesomeness kick in. I spice up the context, add some whimsy, nudge it to the left, and wind up with this masterpiece:


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Chloe Marie Stillwell said...

this. this was good. very much enjoyed. thank you.